Tuesday, January 15, 2019

1st Trimester With Baby M

I can't believe I am already in my 2nd trimester! These past few weeks have been flying by! I wanted to document my first trimester here so I can remember this crazy and amazing time of my life! In many ways it's exactly how I would've expected it to go, but in more ways it was very very different than I imagined!

Fun Facts:
+Baby is due July 12
+We saw baby for the first time at week 8
+Paxton thinks baby is a boy, but I think it might just be a girl
+We got to hear babies strong heartbeat
+Baby grew from a poppyseed to a lemon

+My mental health has been so good! I was worried my anxiety would be very bad but honestly it hasn't been an issue which I feel very blessed about. I even was able to come off of one of my meds!
+Pregnancy hasn't freaked me out as much as I thought it would! I always thought I would HATE being pregnant but that is not the case. I feel empowered and blessed.
+I didn't pass out when I got my blood drawn and I'm not anxious at every single appointment. I'm handling things well! Yay me!
+I haven't had pop or sweets consistently at all. All my favorite things just do not sound good. Breaks my heart. I miss food.
+French Fries, juice, mac & cheese, and gold fish have been a few constants that I actually can eat.

Weeks 4-7
+It SHOCKED me how much my body changed/how many symptoms I felt in just the first few weeks of finding out I was expecting.
+SO MUCH ACNE! I've never ever struggled with acne in my life but one morning I woke up and I could not even believe it!
+My breasts were more sore than I could have ever imagined. SOOOOO SORE FOR WEEKS. Not to mention the change in size.
+The exhaustion was so real. I could've fallen asleep anywhere at any given time of the day. By 8 o clock I was completely done for the day. 
+I cried a lot. Which I expected since i'm already an emotional person.
I cried because I was so excited to be a mom.
I cried because I missed my husband while he was gone for 13 hour days at school.
I cried because I went and got chick fil a and then my fries spilled on the floor in the car and I just could not even handle.
I cried because I forgot to pack a dress on our trip to California.
I cried over heartwarming Facebook videos. You name it. 
+Absolutely 0 appetite 24/7. If I didn't have to eat to survive I probably wouldn't have. I didn't really have "cravings" more like there was only 1 thing in the world that I could maybe even possibly eat. Most of the food I was able to eat during that time I probably will never eat again in my life...or at least for a long time. This included Cafe Rio which I definitely cried about.

WEEKS 7-11
+Once week 7 came along I was unbelievably sick and nauseous all the time. Throwing up 1-4 times a day. I could barely talk sometimes because if I did I knew throw up would be making its way out.
+It was hard to go outside because the cold air would make me gag gag gag. And the insane nausea was all day everyday at that point.
+I definitely called my mom crying multiple times telling her I can't believe people do this all the time.  It was just plain HARD. Harder than I could have ever have imagined!  I could not believe how much I struggled weeks 7-11.
+ It got just as mentally hard as it was physically hard because it seemed like the sickness, headaches, exhaustion would never ever end.
+I spent as much time in my bed and on my couch as I possibly could. I felt like a failure of a wife because doing chores and cooking was such a challenge.
+Mommas really are warriors!!! It was crazy that I could feel so horrible yet so grateful and blessed at the same time.

WEEKS 12-14
+Once week 12 hit things seemed to get a little better symptom wise
+I wasn't nauseous 24/7 and only throwing up once a day a few times a week.
+My energy slowly started to come back as well as a small appetite!
+Time just seemed to fly!
+We got to hear babies heart beat for the first time.
+A teeny tiny little baby bump started showing- the one where it could be a food baby or a real baby.
+Some stretch marks began to show up but I'm trying to not beat myself up too much over that because I know how beautiful and incredible my body is for growing another human!


Monday, November 12, 2018

The Land of Salt Jewelry Studio Workshop

2 Weeks ago my sister, BFF, and I went and took a ring workshop at my favorite local Jewelry studio The Land of Salt.  We went to the "Initial Stacking Ring Workshop" and had SO MUCH FUN! We got to make an initial ring and 2 other rings in the style of our choice.  We got to learn the basics of making some dang cute stacking rings!

We got to choose what 3 stacking rings we wanted to make and choose an initial or other stamp that we wanted! I chose a cute sun symbol! The rings started out as just pieces of straight metal and a small disc for us to stamp on! I chose a cut sun symbol for my ring! The sun represents energy, strength, power, and rebirth and it just really resonated with me that night. 

The workshop was guided and very hands-on which was SO awesome! We really got to be creative and make it our own.  The more advanced parts we got help from the owner Erica and her assistant. I loved learning and creating with my best friends! There is so much more that goes into jewelry making than you would think!

They also had yummy snacks and drinks for us and it was the best girls night!!! 

Those are my 3 stacking rings I made, I wear them everyday and absolutely love them! It makes me so happy knowing I made them! 

Here are my best friends rings that she made! The one on her middle finger she actually  picked out while she was there! 

We all had so much fun and want to go to another one for sure!! It was such a great experience. There are 3 more workshops coming up soon! Another initial stacking ring workshop, a cute layering necklace one, and a hoop earring one!! You can learn more and sign up for them HERE. Each workshop only has a few spots available so make sure to sign up quick!! You can use code BAILEYNICOLE for 20% off!!


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Discover Amazing Deals, Discover Jane


If you follow me on social media, you know I am completely OBSESSED with shopping at Jane!!! Jane is a daily deal site with deals up to 65% off from thousands of different boutiques & shops AKA heaven on earth for all my fellow deal loving friends. The deals are only active for a few days and are changing daily so you will ALWAYS find something you need.  I promise.

There are hundreds of items I see at my favorite local and online boutiques that make it to Jane for a FRACTION of the price. LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO PAY FULL PRICE YALL!!! If I find something at a shop I am loving I usually start checking Jane everyday to see if they will have a deal for it! Chances are if it is trendy and popular at a lot of boutiques, it will make it on Jane.

I have made some awesome purchases through Jane over the last few years and have NEVER had to make a return. The shops list their size guides and if you read through the reviews you will know if you need to size up, size down, or get your normal size. You can always contact the shop directly if you have any questions. It really is SO easy and convenient! Those cute clogs in my picture above are on of my most favorite Jane purchases ever! They were only $24.99!!

Jane is my one stop shop for Christmas shopping this time of year and I know it will be yours too! There are tons of different categories to make your shopping experience easy peasy. Your wallet and your husband is going to love these deals just as much as you. No more telling the delivery guy to hide your packages so your husband doesn't find them.

Here are a few of my favorite deals that are live right now!

( I have these in the leopard print and they are my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! )

Now that you've discovered amazing deals, go discover Jane!


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cottonwood Produce Co-Op

If you are in Salt Lake County LISTEN UP!
There is this AWESOME Produce Co-op in the Cottonwood/Sandy area that you have to try! You get SO MUCH fresh fruit and vegetables for an awesome wholesale price and most of it is local!!
They offer a FULL box($25) or a HALF box($15) and the produce changes every week so you get an awesome variety. There have been several fruit and veggies I have never ever purchased before that I've gotten to try and loved.
This weeks boxes included:

$25 FULL: Honeycrisp apples, bananas, bartlett pears, pineapple, 1 lb bag golden kiwis, limes, oranges, avacado, yellow onion, yams, broccoli, cucumber, zucchini, yellow squash, spinach, and red cabbage
$15 HALF: Honeycrisp apples, bananas, bartlett pears, pineapple, limes, oranges, avacado, yellow onion, yams, cucumber, zucchini, yellow squash, spinach, and red cabbage

Every Saturday they post in their Facebook page and Instagram (@cottonwoodproducecoop) to let you know what produce will be available for the boxes that week! If you like the options you just comment to order, pay on venmo, and pick up on Tuesday! Easy peasy.
They also have an "extras" box so you can switch out any fruits or veggies you don't like item for item which I love!
I have gotten a half box for 2 weeks now and LOVE IT! I meal plan according to what produce is available and have had such an easier time getting in those nutritious foods. Not to mention the quality of them has been amazing! They also post a meal plan on their social media accounts and share the recipes on Pinterest to show you how they are using their produce that week to give you ideas. It is such an awesome set up you guys!

You can get $2 off if you mention my name!!

Here's to living a happier & healthier life!


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Holiday Decor on a Budget

I LOVE decorations, especially Holiday Decorations! The Decor sections at TJ Maxx, Target, Real Deals, & Hobby Lobby are my happy place! I was always so excited to get married, have our own place, and decorate the heck out of it! One thing I quickly learned was that I would need to buy things slowly and not all at once because we were (and still are and probably always will be) on a budget. So over the past 2.5 years I have slowly added to my holiday decor! It makes me sooo happy and excited to get to redecorate for the changing seasons!

So here’s a few tips that have really helped me!

+I only buy items I absolutely LOVE. Yep. Not even ones I really really like.  Just love. I ask myself if it will make me happy to look at it everyday, if it's a yes, and I love it, it's going in my cart! TRUST ME- I could find 100 things I think I need at a store. But do I LOVE all of them? I mean maybe.....but.... Probs not.

+ Know your space! Make sure to figure out the places you will be adding Holiday decorations before you go shop! You don’t need to purchase 100 decor items if you only have room for 10! We live in an apartment and so it really can limit the amount of decor (sadly)!

+ Targets “dollar” section is AMAZING, but you already know that. So. Many. Cute. Items. They kill it during the holidays! You can find all the cutest little holiday goodies & decor here! This is a GREAT place to start!!

+Walmart really can come in clutch during the holiday season.

+ Hobby Lobby and Michaels have SUCH cute holiday decorations and I feel like they are ALWAYS having 40%+ off sales and on top of that they always have a 40% off coupon (for one item)  you can find on their app, in their flyers, or online! Nothing better than discounts on top of sales!

+ TJ Maxx is heaven on earth. I’m obsessed. Their prices are incredible and they always have such fun & unique items!! I would say I have gotten half of my joke and holiday decor from here! You can find such great deals on quality products.  I could literally spend hours shopping there, oh wait, I always do!

+Pinterest has TONS of DOLLAR STORE crafts you can make and a lot of them are actually super cute & creative! Who doesn’t love DIY crafts that don’t break the bank!? I try and do 1 DIY item each season!

+Get FREE prints on Pinterest that you can print at your local Walmart or Walgreens! This is what I do and just switch out my pictures for the season!! Literally just search “FREE FALL  PRINTS” and there’s hundreds!

+Shop sales at the end of each holiday to purchase new decor for the  NEXT year! The decor gets HEAVILY discounted and you can get some awesome items for like 70% off! Especially at Real Deals! I know, I know - you want it NOW. But if your budget can’t hang, you can’t either. So just be patient and then the next year you will be just as excited because it’ll be brand new! It’s like you’re giving a gift to your future self, which is awesome.
You really don't need a TON of decorations to make your home feel cozy and festive!

Here are some items I have been eyeing that WONT break the bank! Those letter board words are probably next on my list!!!


I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.       

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Our Dental School Story




I have a million things to catch you all up on but don't know where to begin. So let me start and tell you our Dental School Story-

Paxton first applied to dental school June 2015, he got a good competitive score on the DAT and had an incredible application and we were very hopeful. He did not get 1 interview.  NOT ONE! WE WERE SO CONFUSED. We both had felt very strongly that this was the right career path for him and that we should apply this round. We were devastated. People that Paxton knew that had gotten even lower DAT scores and grades were getting interviews and we didn't. It just didn't make any sense. After a few months of waiting we never got any offers. So that whole next year him & I both worked full time and started saving up to retake the DAT and reapply the next year!

He retook the DAT May of 2016 and got an even BETTER score than before and we applied to (almost) the same 15 schools. After a few months the interview offers just kept on coming!! He was offered 9 interviews all over the US but most importantly he got interviews at both of our TOP 3 DENTAL SCHOOLS we wanted. We were so beyond blessed. It was so crazy to look back and think how the first year we got NONE and the next we had SO many options. Anyways. He ended up attending 5/9 interviews and felt good about all of them. 

I was able to go with I'm to his University of Utah Interview and as I was driving around SLC and exploring all the places around the dental school I had a VERY strong feeling we would be living there. It was weird but it felt like home and very familiar. I had thoughts of "I can't wait to move here" pop into my mind without even realizing it.

Anyways, a few months passed and on the 1st of December he got his 1st acceptance at LECOM in Bradenton Florida! He got waitlisted for the University of Utah, Roseman, and the IDEP program (his top choice). He probably checked his email a million times every single day that whole month of December, but we knew that Florida is where we would be moving because the chances of him getting off of the waitlist for the other schools were very slim.  We had like a million emotions going through us. I spent 3 therapy sessions crying about it. But eventually we both were excited for this new Florida adventure! He got into dental school and that was a dream come true.

One day in January I got home for lunch and Pax walked over and said "I got accepted to the University of Utah" I just looked at him because I couldn't really comprehend what he just said. "They just called me and offered me a spot at the U." I broke down crying and called my mom and she cried and I was so relieved and overjoyed! But we had a lot of big decisions to make. The whole previous month we had been looking at apartments in Florida, payed a huge deposit, and were so focused on preparing to move across the country. Probably the hardest decision of our life was trying to decide between the U and LECOM because there were so many pros and cons to both and were basically an even playing field. That was a rough week of constant going back and forth between choosing the U then choosing LECOM and all over again. We felt good about both and just didn't know what to choose. Eventually it came down to him liking the learning style at the U more and being closer to our families to have that support during these next long 4 years!

Sometimes I wonder why we didn't just hear back from the U at the beginning of December... Like if we were "supposed" to go and be there why didn't it just happen first thing? It  definitely would have saved us A TON of money and anxiety! But we eventually made it to this point so thats all that matters I guess!! 

So we moved to Utah at the end of June! Paxton started dental school the beginning of August and had his White Coat Ceremony! He definitely keeps very very busy with school but he is liking (most) of his classes and is an amazing student! I just have so much love for my hard working husband and am just a very proud wife! He has made really good friends in the program already and I just feel very at peace that this was where we were meant to be at this time and that it was no accident that we didn't hear back from any of the schools the first time we applied. 


Friday, August 3, 2018

Hello Foxy Clothing

 Hello Foxy Clothing is my newest favorite clothing shop!! It is completely affordable and adorable! You are going to be in clothes heaven after you check it out and see the prices. You know how much I love shopping and these prices are some of the BEST I have ever found. These prices are cheaper than other boutiques SALE prices.The owner Angie keeps them so close to whole sale, it's amazing! 

You can shop my top here! It also comes in white. I would recommend sizing UP in this top, especially if you are blessed in the chest or want to add a little length to the "boxier" fit. I usually wear a M but went with a L and was glad I did! The colors are stunning and I know I'm going to get SO much use out of this top.

Her Facebook group is also something you're going to want to check out because she posts new arrivals, "try on" videos, pre-order items and more! Join here! I LOVE following along and staying in the loop. Angie is the cutest mom that loves to shop- once boutique prices started getting higher and higher she wanted to make that change! You can be cute, trendy, and not have to "splurge" just to get the item you want. With Hello Foxy, not one item is over $50! Woot woot!

ALSO- If you are local to Idaho Falls she does free Pick Up and Shop Day every Thursday from 10:30-2:00 and 5:00-6:30!! You can go try on the clothes there! Message her for her address!

Happy shopping lovelies!