Saturday, February 17, 2018

Milo My Cutest Puppy & Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

It has been 1 year since we added Milo to our family!! It has been the craziest, most exhausting, and best year of our lives! I can't imagine life without our cute maltese-pomeranian-yorkie who was only supposed to be 6 pounds but decided to be 13 pounds instead. As many of you know he is my ESA or  Emotional Support Animal! I've had a few questions about that and so here you all go-

Background story- I have NEVER been an animal person. Like ever. If there was a puppy I would maybe pet it and think it was cute but thats about it. Other peoples dogs? I did not want them to come near me and I just couldn't understand how an animal could be a "family member" or "fur baby".  I know, I sound terrible haha but  animals just weren't my thing.

Until last year when I was struggling with my debilitating anxiety and panic disorder. I had such a hard time being by myself. My anxiety was through the roof and it was impairing my day to day life. Pax suggested we look into getting a puppy to be my ESA to see if it would help to relieve my anxiety and provide me comfort. After a few days of consideration and looking at tons of puppies the moment Paxton showed me a picture of Milo I just KNEW that he was MY puppy and that this was going to be a good step in the right direction!

Things came together perfectly and we drove to Utah to pick up our little 2 pound baby puppy. I WAS IN LOVE!!! He was the sweetest, cutest, most perfect puppy ever and I noticed a difference with my anxiety almost immediately.

+I was now able to go on walks outside +I was able to shower even when Paxton wasn't home +I didn't feel "lonely" and struggle as badly when I was by myself +Milo gave me other things to think about other than my anxiety +When I was struggling he could sense it and was the best cuddler and comforter +I HAD to get out of bed and take care of him and play with him rather than just hiding in my bed all day long +He gave me more of a purpose when I was so struggling with finding one. 

So here's just a few thaaangs about ESA's-
YOU HAVE TO BE PRESCRIBED BY A DOCTOR FOR YOUR ANIMAL TO BE AN ACTUAL ESA. All the online webistes are crap and just trying to take your money. People will not accept those types of certificates. You have to have a legit doctors letter/documentation. And it's not a breeze to get one. I checked with my counseling office & mental health dr office to see if they even did ESA notes/prescriptions before scheduling an appointment to get the documentation. My therapists office DID NOT, but my mental health dr did if I "qualified" for one. 

NOT EVERYONE WILL QUALIFY FOR THEIR DOG BEING AN ESA! There are so many people who have abused this JUST to get a dog and/or to be able to keep their dog in their housing or to take it with them on an airplane. Those people have made it difficult for people who actually need ESA's. I qualified for one and was able to get a perscription note that was good for 6 months, after that 6 months I had to go back for a check up to make sure he was proving me emotional support and not increasing my anxiety.

YOU CAN NOT TAKE YOUR ESA INTO PUBLIC STORES (except pet shops of course). ESAs are NOT service animals. There is a very distinct difference between them. A service animal is a trained animal that can perform a specific task like if their owner is diabetic or has seizures or like a guide dog. ESA's are there to provide support and comfort for certain mental disorders but are not allowed into stores. Sometimes there is a lot of confusion with that so just to clarify :) 

Milo has blessed my life in so many ways as my puppy, my pet, my fur baby, and my ESA.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

My Daith Piercing for Migraines

I get asked about my daith piercing a lot so I figured I would just talked about it here!

First things first- there is really no scientific evidence that supports Daith piercings as a treatment option for migraines and is believed to be a total placebo. Just putting that out there so that if you are just recently getting a lot of migraines make sure you go see a REAL medical doctor rather than just going to get this piercing done and hoping for the best. If this is all news to you and you never even heard of daith piercings helping migraines- people say they help migraines! So if nothing has worked for you this far and you are looking to try something else keep reading!

ANYWAYS before I give my review I just have to throw this in there-- It so so amusing to me when people ask on Facebook "Has anyone heard anything about the daith piercing helping with migraines?" And then everyone in the world likes to give their 2 cents and opinion on this topic when none of them have even had the piercing done and half of their claims are totally incorrect and not true. I'm obviously not an expert nor do I claim to be one but before I got this piercing I did TONS of research so heres basically wha you need to know--
+Daith piercings do not cure migraines
+There is no scientific research that backs up the claims that they help migraines
+Some people they help, some people they don't
+It's all kind of he said she said and just a bunch of reviews from people who have got the piercing
+To have it be VERY effective you would need a professional acupuncturist to go with you to show them the exact pressure point
+It is more than likely a placebo
+There are a lot of people say that it helps a lot! Even some that claim they completely went away! Some people that SWEAR by this piercing!
+Keep in mind everyones migraines are different in severity and type and so everyones experiences are going to be different

With that said here is my story/thoughts/review of my Daith piercing.

Almost a year ago I began getting severe and frequent migraines that were so debilitating they often affected my every day life. I tried TONS of different remedies, medications, and treatment options and nothing seemed to be working. I even got X RAYS and an MRI done they were so awful. Nothing seemed to add up so after 3 months of this I went in and got my daith pierced. I  figured since nothing this far had helped, I was willing to give it a try! My thoughts were- even if it was a placebo that made it work- at least it worked! I was willing to try anything at this point and was convinced by the people who had had it done and claimed it helped. I decided that in a few months if I realized it was a bunch of bull, I could just take it out so I had nothing to lose.

Most of the posts and articles I read recommended to get the piercing done on the side that your migraines are the worst and if that didn't work to go back and get both sides pierced. My  migraines were mostly on the the right side. And  I'm a baby and totally afraid of needles and was scared out of my mind to get this done so I  only got that one side pierced.

I won't sugar coat it- IT HURT SO FREAKING BAD! BUT only for like a solid 5 seconds.  I twas a good 7/10 pain when the needle was going through then a 5/10 and mostly discomfort when the actual piercing was going in. That was the worst part of it cause after the needle went through I just wanted to be done and did not like him fiddling around with it trying to screw the ball on. I will be totally honest- I totally passed out AND puked afterwards hahahaha. But overall it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be! And went by pretty quickly.

I could not sleep on that side of my body for 4 days and it hurt to even clean it. My ear was pretty tender for 3-4 months. It made me wonder if the reason it helped take away migraines was because you now just thought about how sore your ear was all the time haha joking.  Anyways I had to be careful wrapping my towel around my hair after the shower because it was sore AND I hear horror stories of towels ripping them out so I was paranoid. I also couldn't wear earbud head phones for like 5 months because but  other than that it wasn't really a problem.

The first few weeks of having it done I noticed a big difference! My migraines were definitely not as severe, didn't last as long, and were not as frequent. I was overall pleased! After 2-3 months of having it done they slowly became more frequent again-not like they used to be though!  Since then i've also found out that my contact prescription was incorrect, my eye muscles are very weak and over worked, and I clench my jaw really bad when I sleep which definitely could contribute to migraines. So with that being said I wouldn't say it was LIFE CHANGING because I still have migraines (probably from the reasons I listed above)BUT they definitely don't last as long as they used to and are not AS debilitating so I feel like the piercing was WORTH IT.

Basically I WOULD recommend it to anyone who has tried OTHER methods and have not been successful. If other methods had worked I probably would not have gotten the piercing. Just realize it probably won't completely CURE it but definitely could HELP! I say it is definitely worth a try and totally recommend it!  Even if you are like me and they are just less severe and intense! And I think it's cute so win win.

(And to all my LDS friends that don't really have migraines and  really just want to say you have severe migraines as an excuse to be rebellious and get this piercing - just go get the freaking piercing! Or if you want one that bad just get a piercing somewhere else. Because WHO CARES  it's just a piercing and I promise you won't got to hell for it.)


Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Girl Who Always Told Me How Fat I Was.

She would always tell me how fat I was.
How no one thought I was pretty because of my thunder thighs and flabby belly.
She would tell me how my body made me so ugly.
How I could never be confident in who I was until I was a size 2.
She told me I was the "fat" friend.
That no boys would ever like me because I was so FAT.
How I should just starve myself because that was the only way I could get skinny.

That girl was me. To myself.  For a large portion of my life. Those were the things I would tell myself when I looked in the mirror or tried on clothes at the store. I know I am not the only one who has struggled with this self hatred towards their own body so that's why I am sharing this and telling you how I am CHANGING THE GAME BIG TIME FOR ME. And how you can too!

A little more background on me and my body:

I remember one year in college I was so angry at myself for the 10 pounds I had gained I would look at myself in the mirror and say all the negative and mean things about my body I could come up with. Not only that but when I would eat food I would tell myself things like "do you know how many calories this is? you are so fat. this is going to make you fat. you shouldn't eat." When I would exercise I would continue to be negative and yell at myself for not being in shape. Not being skinny. And compare myself to anyone else who was smaller than me. I really thought that if I made myself feel bad enough about myself that maybe THEN I would have the motivation to really change.

I WAS SO WRONG. Those thoughts were not helping me ONE BIT.  I've learned that the words you say and think impact your life SO much. On a HUGE level that many of us may not even realize. I was telling myself those negative things to much that my BODY was believing it and not changing no matter how much I worked out or ate healthy or went on crazy diets.  All those nasty negative words were NOT making me skinnier, they were NOT making me more fit, more healthy more anything except for sad, depressed, and extremely self conscious.

Last year I gained a lot of weight- partially from the anxiety medication I started but mostly because my physical health was not a top priority. My mental health was. I maybe exercises on average 1-2x a week. I would go through phases where I was consistent and long periods where I wasn't. Not to mention I just didn't have energy, food was more of a comfort for me, I didn't have a lot of motivation and some days I just didn't have it in me. I know those are excuses, I accept that but I also know that I did what I could last year. And it was a year for taking care of myself mentally as best as I could.  Trust me- I could sit here and be upset with myself and say all the things I "COULD HAVE" done. I could be mad at myself for letting myself get this unhealthy and out of shape. BUT then I would NOT be doing the things I worked SOOOOO hard at doing last year mentally including self love and self care and being kinder to myself.

Here is what I am NOT doing anymore:
I am NOT comparing myself to who I used to be, or anybody else.
I am not doing this to be skinny.
I am not doing this to be a smaller size and weight.
I am not focusing on what I am NOT.
Goodbye negative wording.

I  AM changing literally EVERYTHING I have ever done to try and be fit and healthy. Partially because it obviously hasn't worked for me in the past and partially because I want this to be a form of self care and be sort of a reflection of many things I learned last year.
+I love self care SOOOOO much and so if I view exercise as taking care of myself and a way of loving myself I know  I will make time for it.
+I am taking the word "skinnier" out of my vocal and changing it to "stronger/healthier".
+Instead of trying to be a certain number on the scale I am focusing on how many more sets or reps I can do.
+ Instead of telling myself "I'm still fat. I'll never be skinny. I hate how I look." I am telling myself "I am getting stronger. I am getting healthier. I can do this and I am grateful for the body I have and all that I CAN do!"
+Instead of making excuses of why I can't exercise that day, I am inviting myself to make the healthier choice that I will be grateful for after. But I am also allowing myself to make good judgements on days when I am exhausted or sick that it is okay to take a break and go walking or do yoga instead. That way I won't be negative or mad at myself because that won't help anything and is not loving myself.
+Instead of saying things like "this is so hard! i can't do this" when I am exercising I am being my biggest support system and telling myself "I can do this! I am so proud of myself for exercising today! I am one step closer to being healthier!" I did this today during my workout and noticed a big difference!!

To tell you a secret I started a top secret Instagram account for ME to document anything I want to and not have to worry about "cute and perfect" feed. Documenting everything that is making me healthier mind-body-spirit. Eventually maybe I'll be brave enough to share it with you all.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

not a cliche end of the year post but like kind of...

I used to be adventurous.
I used to go with the flow.
I used to love crowds.
I used to love to be the center of attention.
I used to always be on the go and got out of my comfort zone often.
I used to have a lot of faith that everything happened for  a reason.
I used to be braver.
I used to love parties and concerts.
I used to want to travel the world and be spontaneous and outgoing.

I remember in therapy over this last year- especially at the beginning I would always go back to saying things like:
"I used to be able to do it easily!
I used to not have these problems!
I used to ______ and _______ (insert above statements)
I just want to be how I was!"
And that was my goal. To get back to how I was. That's what I truly wanted. To be the old Bailey. Who was "normal" and didn't have high stress and debilitating anxiety. The one who was always described as outgoing, happy, and fun. The one who hiked Mount Timp and went on a cruise to Mexico with friends and loved concerts and parties and went long boarding at 2am.  But no matter how hard I tried to deny it, my struggles and trials this last year changed me. Simple as that. And looking back, how did I expect myself NOT to change? That's what this whole year was for me- CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION.

For a while after I realized this, I was sad. Like really really sad and in a way I almost was mourning for my old self. I felt defeated and like I didn't know who I was anymore. Because if I wasn't the old Bailey, how could I feel like myself? I didn't want to be different. I felt lost. Because some of my passions changed, my hobbies changed, the way I liked to spend my time changed, and things I enjoyed- they all changed. And it was weird and uncomfortable because the things that once were me just weren't anymore.  The Bailey that was so care free and went with the flow and did not have super high stress levels and wanted to travel the world and have non stop adventure- she just wasn't  100% there anymore.

I kept wishing so badly my anxiety and stress would just go away and that I would be able to be who I once was.  That my goals and things I wanted in life would be the same. I wished that I still wanted to go to Europe and New Zealand. And go back packing and hiking in various places around the US. And go on cruises and crazy amusement parks. And just experience so many things all over the world. But that just wasn't the case anymore. And that has been a hard adjustment for me. Adventure still sounds fun, but I might have to ease myself into it and do things differently to accommodate my anxiety. Nowadays I would rather do yoga and meditate and have my soul awakened that way. I would rather kick it with DJ Bed and McBlanky versus going to a concert or party. Now I really really like baths and I am obsessed with bath bombs haha. I enjoy comfy clothes instead of always dressing up. I like reading self help books rather than going to the mall. I SOUND SO OLD LOL. And things like- maybe only wanting 3 kids instead of the 6 I had always planned for. I've just had to make a lot of adjustments to be able to cope with life and find new ways for happiness.

Its just been recently that I've realized that all this is OKAY. And that me changing is OKAY. And that that girl I used to be hadn't gone through all the things I went through this last year.  She didn't have a full time job, husband, real life bills, puppy, lots of pressures and responsibilities. And that girl did not have passion for self care. She didn't truly love herself. She didn't fully know herself. She didn't understand her limits and boundaries like I do now. And so it's okay that I have changed. It actually makes sense that I've changed.  It's okay that I'm not that same girl. I'm sure there will be times when that side of me comes out and surprises me- but I'm just different now and that's okay.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Just A Glimpse of Darkness.

*this post may contain triggers for those struggling with mental illness  so please proceed with caution if you think it might affect you or skip down to where you see "++" and read from there on*

I'm feeling very inspired and I'm feeling that fire in my soul that's making me feel like I might have something important to say.  So here's some word vomit from yours truly while I open up and talk about things I never have before-- 

For those of you who have followed my story  this last year- thank you. Whether it was out of curiosity, because you could relate, because you truly cared- thank you. I hope you aren't at the point where you roll your eyes whenever you see me post. Ha. There's a lot that I haven't written about and a lot that I haven't shared. I don't like to FORCE myself to write. I don't like to FORCE myself to post. I have a HUGE list of posts in my mind that I want to write, but I believe they will be written at the right time. And today for whatever reason, I'm feeling the need to share. 

I have a lot of emotions inside of me right now and so I hope that my words can come out the way that I am feeling them. 

I get worried people will associate me with my mental illness and not the other parts that come from it. I worry people think of me as broken, or someone who wants attention, or someone who is calling out for help..... when what I hope to do is inspire and connect and that people can see my strength and my growth. 

Mental illness is a very personal and individual thing. Which makes it complicated. People have different triggers, experiences, reasons for why they are they way they are, coping strategies etc. Someone else with anxiety might not relate 10000% to the experiences with it I share. But despite all of that, I hope so badly that people will look at me as someone who "gets it". That someone will be able to connect with this mess I call my life. Because i truly believe that connections and relating to one another is a huge part about what life is about. So here's me sharing a part of my story I've left out because I've been scared to open up about it and can be a hard topic to discuss. 

I’ve never talked about this to anyone before- because i've never felt the need to, but here I am writing this now. There were a few times this last year battling my consuming anxiety disorder and panic attacks that I remember thinking questions like- “What’s the point of all this? What is the point of living every day when just living is HARD to do? Is it really going to get better? Is there really anyone who can understand the amount of pain, struggle, and darkness I feel? Is it even worth trying to get better because it doesn't seem like I ever will? What if this is going to be my life forever? If it is, I don’t want this. If it is, I don't want to live.” 

Not in the sense that I wanted to end my life, but that I lost all hope in WANTING to live. Because of the all consuming mental illness I was struggling with, life just didn't seem worth it to me. The way I felt, the lack of things I was able to do, that WASNT living. In those moments I understood a glimpse of WHY people get to the point where they want to take their own lives. I understood WHY people with severe mental health problems or people with extremely difficult trials and struggles head down that road. I felt it in those moments. The weight. The despair. The "whats the point?" I personally do not have a depression - BUT there were EXTREMELY depressing moments during this time. Time when depression crept in and sucked all the happiness and joy out of me like a freaking dementor (harry potter fans heyyy).  

Those thoughts luckily did not consume me all day every day, they didn't make me suicidal- but I remember that terrifying helplessness. I remember the darkness that came with those questions. The heart break. The emptiness. It made me have extreme compassion and sympathy for people that ARE suicidal and that DO struggle with those thoughts on a daily basis or for periods of time. That is HEAVY stuff. And it broke my heart. Seeing into that little window of ultimate despair. The one where it showed me that LIFE CAN BE SO HARD TO THE POINT THAT SEEMS LIKE ITS NOT WORTH LIVING BECAUSE THATS THE ONLY WAY TO ESCAPE THAT HURT AND THAT PAIN. Just for a little while I feel like my eyes were opened to a whole different kind of pain. And it was heartbreaking.  How heartbreaking that mental illness can make people feel this way. How life shattering that your own mind becomes your worst enemy.

I NEVER got to the point where that despair and depression and thoughts were all consuming. But I do remember how broken I felt when those questions would cross my mind.  Those thoughts would come and go as I’m sure it does with many other mental illnesses.  Mental illness can seem hopeless. It can seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It can seem like no one cares because its as though no one can understand. It can seem pointless to keep trying. It can seem like a never ending road of pain. I get that. But I truly truly truly believe no one is so broken  and damaged, and shattered that they can't be helped. I believe no one can be so far gone that they can't find light again in their life. I believe no one can be so overcome by sadness and hopelessness and despair that they don't have any more options. I believe in the words DON'T GIVE UP, KEEP GOING, YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. 

++There is ALWAYS options. There is ALWAYS help. There is ALWAYS something. There is ALWAYS hope. ALWAYS. There are SO SO many resources and things that can help struggling, heart  broken, shattered people. 

I'm not saying its easy to find what works for you. It might take a while to get there and to find those answers, but I know that everyone can. I know because I've seen a glimpse of that darkness. I know because I felt broken and like there was no way I could ever feel like myself again. I know because I had to try and try and try and try and just take it a day at a time until eventually I could look back and see the ways I was changing. See the ways I was becoming something new, something better, something changed, something happier, something transformed. 

It's worth it to just keep taking that next step. Even if it is just a baby step. 


**I am not a Dr and if you or someone you love is experiencing suicidal thoughts, struggling with anxiety, struggling with depression or another mental illness SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP. See a Dr, see a specialist, get on medication, get into counseling and THEN try other options- meditation, yoga, self help books, spiritual leaders, other internet resources. HELP IS THERE. You don't have to do things all by yourself.**

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Husband Christmas Gift Guide

So everything that I purchased Pax for Christmas he ended up buying himself on Black Friday. So......that was a fail. Ha! Does that ever happen to any other wives out there!? SHOOOOOT DANG. I was so proud of myself having all of his Christmas gifts ready in November and then my world was crushed when all those same items came to our door over the past few weeks. hahah! So I had to get creative and REALLY think about what I was going to get him this year!

So I posted on my Instagram story asking people for more ideas!! Here is a list of some of the replies I got and some that I have thought of or given over the past few years! I've linked some of my favorite websites to them for easy shopping!

things has TONS of great ideas! Super easy to find some great gift ideas! I had never heard of this website before but I'm so glad it was recommended!

+ Hoodies or sweatshirts My hubs loves Nike and Jordan ones so these are always winners!

+21 Rhinos Tie- the cutest personalized ties! Seriously think this is the cutest thing ever!

+Watches! Or my favorite- wooden watches! I got one engraved with our wedding date on the back  for Pax to wear on our wedding day and it is probably my favorite gift I've ever given.

+ Fill a stocking with all of his favorite things! Ex. Gun ammunition, a tie, socks, his favorite treats, cologne

+ A Love Book  I think these are the cutest things EVER!!! I love stuff like this!

+Blue Tooth speaker for the bathroom (another item I need to return to TJ Maxx) TJ Maxx has AWESOME speakers this time of year.

+Tool Set or one with flash lights, knives, and other manly repair stuff haha

+Hydro Flask cause those seem to be the thiiing these days

+ Squatty Potty HA I'M SERIOUS. Guys rave about these things!

+Thread wallet I'm seriously obsessed with mine! So convenient!!

+VR headset (this was one of those items he bought himself) haha They are SO  fun!

+Nike socks or Stance socks

+Make him a coupon book! You can include ways to serve him, massages to give, chores to do for him, date nights you will be in charge of, intimacy  items- GET CREATIVE and make it personal!

+Hats  with is favorite sports team logo! I don't know about your husband but mine LIVES in hats. I could probably just buy him hats for the rest of our life and he would be so happy.

+Gym items! His favorite protein powder, a new gym bag, gym bag/shoe freshener, blender bottle

Happy Shopping lovelies,


Thursday, November 30, 2017


Self care, self love, and self acceptance have quickly become topics that I am very passionate about. I have recognized the importance of them and started to apply them into my life. It hasn't just changed my life, it has TRANSFORMED it. Really. In such an important way that I think that SO MANY people (seriously like everyone and anyone) could benefit from this! So now all I want to do is share it with the world!

So, I decided to host a 7 Day Simple Self Care Challenge over on my Instagram I want it to be a safe place where you can start this journey and find it in yourself to love who you are and all that you are! I wanted to keep it SIMPLE and to the point and start adding in basic concepts every day!  There's no reporting back to me, no huge assignments- simply suggestions and questions and quotes that will help influence you to start intentionally living and loving yourself. 

We are currently on Day 2 and will begin Day 3 tomorrow. Each day I will update the challenges right here in this post so if you prefer to follow along here and go at your own pace and come back as often as you would like!

 1) Choose a positive affirmation/intention that you will focus on and repeat throughout the day. Start with an "I AM" statement that is meaningful and powerful to YOU. Mine for today is: I am grounded. I am balanced

2)Answer This: What do you want to gain from practicing self care for the next 7 days?? I personally want to take better care of myself mind, body, and spirit. I want to have more peace and guidance in my life. 

3) Take at least 10 minutes for yourself today and do something with the INTENTION of loving and taking care of yourself. Go for a walk, take a shower, focus on your skin care routine, meditate, listen to an inspirational podcast- ANYTHING. But do it for YOURSELF. 

1) Today, choose YOURSELF. Choose a positive affirmation/intention that begins with the words "I CHOOSE" Mine for today is- I choose peace and safety within. With my anxiety it can be hard for me to love myself and my body. Especially when I feel like they aren't functioning as I wish they would. This affirmation helps me to CHOOSE peace and safety within myself even when it's not easy.

2)Answer This: What is something about your body and your personality that you LOVE? I love my eyes and my compassion for others.  If that was uncomfortable for you- that's okay. It's normal to feel resistance with something like this. Especially if you are not used to loving yourself or complimenting yourself. A lot of our lives we are taught to NOT do that because we will come off selfish or stuck up. *insert eye roll here* that doesn't apply to all situations. Those resisting emotions just prove that we rent as kind and loving to ourselves as we should be. 

3) Every time you are in front of a mirror today I want you to look at yourself and say OUT LOUD- I love and accept myself exactly how I am. That may seem weird. And trust me, when I first read about this exercise in a book I was like- WHAT? THAT IS SO STUPID. But I put away the resistance and started doing it and after a few weeks of consistently doing this at least 1 time a day I actually started to believe it. Those 9 words changed my life. 

 1) Today we are going to focus on self acceptance. I want you to choose 1 or 2 Lines from the next picture to think about throughout the day.

2) Today I want you to be more gentle with yourself. Be mindful of your thoughts towards yourself. If any negative thoughts happen stop them and replace the with words of kindness and reassurance. 
Picture yourself back when you were 5 years old. What would you want to say to your 5 year old self if you were having a hard time? A bad day? A negative thought? I bet they would be kind words of encouragement. Say those things to yourself NOW. BE KIND.

3) Make the decision today to learn to love you. Flaws and all. Know that it won't happen instantly. But that's okay! Take the first step and decide to START.

1) All I want you to do for today is 10-15 minutes of stretching/yoga/exercise. Listen to music, do it while you're watching TV, Do it in silence- Listen to you body and do what it needs for today.

1) Today I want you to choose an "I AM" statement that helps to connect you to The Divine. Mine is: I am an extension of The Divine. This is one of my favorite mantras to help reconnect with my spiritual self.  "You are not a human having a spiritual moment. You are an expansive, powerful, spiritual being having a human experience. "

2) Say a prayer of gratitude today. Don't ask for anything. Just share all the things you are grateful for in your life today. 

3) Find time to meditate at least 5 minutes today. I love the Headspace App and the Simple Habit App. Or simply sit there in silence and let your mind go where it wants to.

 1) Choose a positive affirmation to focus on today that has to do with change and or transformation within yourself. Mine Is: I am open to change,  I welcome it.

2) Focus on an area where you are noticing change in your life. Good OR bad. Whether it is within yourself or something going on in your life. Be aware of it and try to let go of any resistance you may notice.

3)Make specific goals and invite the positive change into your life or at least the PROCESS of changing. Maybe do some yoga while focusing on what you WANT to happen. Don't focus on what you DONT want to happen. Don't focus on the negative. POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND OUTCOMES ONLY.

1) Make a list of your favorite positive affirmations/mantras that resonate with you! I keep  mine in my "notes" in my phone. Here are mine: I am grounded, I am safe/ I choose peace and safety within/ I am worthy and powerful/ I am easy to love/ I know what to say/ I trust myself/ I am an extension of the Divine. 

2) What words or beliefs do you want to live by? Really think about his. Write this down by your positive affirmations. AND BEGIN. 

3) Take a moment to reflect on this last week. What parts of the challenge did you love? Did loving yourself and taking tim for YOU affect you? What do you want to add into your life from this challenge? How can you keep working on loving yourself?

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! So grateful for everyone that participated! I really hope it was an easy way/introfuction to self care! I hope you gained something from this! I will keep this post here forever!