Thursday, September 20, 2018

Holiday Decor on a Budget

I LOVE decorations, especially Holiday Decorations! The Decor sections at TJ Maxx, Target, Real Deals, & Hobby Lobby are my happy place! I was always so excited to get married, have our own place, and decorate the heck out of it! One thing I quickly learned was that I would need to buy things slowly and not all at once because we were (and still are and probably always will be) on a budget. So over the past 2.5 years I have slowly added to my holiday decor! It makes me sooo happy and excited to get to redecorate for the changing seasons!

So here’s a few tips that have really helped me!

+I only buy items I absolutely LOVE. Yep. Not even ones I really really like.  Just love. I ask myself if it will make me happy to look at it everyday, if it's a yes, and I love it, it's going in my cart! TRUST ME- I could find 100 things I think I need at a store. But do I LOVE all of them? I mean maybe.....but.... Probs not.

+ Know your space! Make sure to figure out the places you will be adding Holiday decorations before you go shop! You don’t need to purchase 100 decor items if you only have room for 10! We live in an apartment and so it really can limit the amount of decor (sadly)!

+ Targets “dollar” section is AMAZING, but you already know that. So. Many. Cute. Items. They kill it during the holidays! You can find all the cutest little holiday goodies & decor here! This is a GREAT place to start!!

+Walmart really can come in clutch during the holiday season.

+ Hobby Lobby and Michaels have SUCH cute holiday decorations and I feel like they are ALWAYS having 40%+ off sales and on top of that they always have a 40% off coupon (for one item)  you can find on their app, in their flyers, or online! Nothing better than discounts on top of sales!

+ TJ Maxx is heaven on earth. I’m obsessed. Their prices are incredible and they always have such fun & unique items!! I would say I have gotten half of my joke and holiday decor from here! You can find such great deals on quality products.  I could literally spend hours shopping there, oh wait, I always do!

+Pinterest has TONS of DOLLAR STORE crafts you can make and a lot of them are actually super cute & creative! Who doesn’t love DIY crafts that don’t break the bank!? I try and do 1 DIY item each season!

+Get FREE prints on Pinterest that you can print at your local Walmart or Walgreens! This is what I do and just switch out my pictures for the season!! Literally just search “FREE FALL  PRINTS” and there’s hundreds!

+Shop sales at the end of each holiday to purchase new decor for the  NEXT year! The decor gets HEAVILY discounted and you can get some awesome items for like 70% off! Especially at Real Deals! I know, I know - you want it NOW. But if your budget can’t hang, you can’t either. So just be patient and then the next year you will be just as excited because it’ll be brand new! It’s like you’re giving a gift to your future self, which is awesome.
You really don't need a TON of decorations to make your home feel cozy and festive!

Here are some items I have been eyeing that WONT break the bank! Those letter board words are probably next on my list!!!


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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Our Dental School Story




I have a million things to catch you all up on but don't know where to begin. So let me start and tell you our Dental School Story-

Paxton first applied to dental school June 2015, he got a good competitive score on the DAT and had an incredible application and we were very hopeful. He did not get 1 interview.  NOT ONE! WE WERE SO CONFUSED. We both had felt very strongly that this was the right career path for him and that we should apply this round. We were devastated. People that Paxton knew that had gotten even lower DAT scores and grades were getting interviews and we didn't. It just didn't make any sense. After a few months of waiting we never got any offers. So that whole next year him & I both worked full time and started saving up to retake the DAT and reapply the next year!

He retook the DAT May of 2016 and got an even BETTER score than before and we applied to (almost) the same 15 schools. After a few months the interview offers just kept on coming!! He was offered 9 interviews all over the US but most importantly he got interviews at both of our TOP 3 DENTAL SCHOOLS we wanted. We were so beyond blessed. It was so crazy to look back and think how the first year we got NONE and the next we had SO many options. Anyways. He ended up attending 5/9 interviews and felt good about all of them. 

I was able to go with I'm to his University of Utah Interview and as I was driving around SLC and exploring all the places around the dental school I had a VERY strong feeling we would be living there. It was weird but it felt like home and very familiar. I had thoughts of "I can't wait to move here" pop into my mind without even realizing it.

Anyways, a few months passed and on the 1st of December he got his 1st acceptance at LECOM in Bradenton Florida! He got waitlisted for the University of Utah, Roseman, and the IDEP program (his top choice). He probably checked his email a million times every single day that whole month of December, but we knew that Florida is where we would be moving because the chances of him getting off of the waitlist for the other schools were very slim.  We had like a million emotions going through us. I spent 3 therapy sessions crying about it. But eventually we both were excited for this new Florida adventure! He got into dental school and that was a dream come true.

One day in January I got home for lunch and Pax walked over and said "I got accepted to the University of Utah" I just looked at him because I couldn't really comprehend what he just said. "They just called me and offered me a spot at the U." I broke down crying and called my mom and she cried and I was so relieved and overjoyed! But we had a lot of big decisions to make. The whole previous month we had been looking at apartments in Florida, payed a huge deposit, and were so focused on preparing to move across the country. Probably the hardest decision of our life was trying to decide between the U and LECOM because there were so many pros and cons to both and were basically an even playing field. That was a rough week of constant going back and forth between choosing the U then choosing LECOM and all over again. We felt good about both and just didn't know what to choose. Eventually it came down to him liking the learning style at the U more and being closer to our families to have that support during these next long 4 years!

Sometimes I wonder why we didn't just hear back from the U at the beginning of December... Like if we were "supposed" to go and be there why didn't it just happen first thing? It  definitely would have saved us A TON of money and anxiety! But we eventually made it to this point so thats all that matters I guess!! 

So we moved to Utah at the end of June! Paxton started dental school the beginning of August and had his White Coat Ceremony! He definitely keeps very very busy with school but he is liking (most) of his classes and is an amazing student! I just have so much love for my hard working husband and am just a very proud wife! He has made really good friends in the program already and I just feel very at peace that this was where we were meant to be at this time and that it was no accident that we didn't hear back from any of the schools the first time we applied. 


Friday, August 3, 2018

Hello Foxy Clothing

 Hello Foxy Clothing is my newest favorite clothing shop!! It is completely affordable and adorable! You are going to be in clothes heaven after you check it out and see the prices. You know how much I love shopping and these prices are some of the BEST I have ever found. These prices are cheaper than other boutiques SALE prices.The owner Angie keeps them so close to whole sale, it's amazing! 

You can shop my top here! It also comes in white. I would recommend sizing UP in this top, especially if you are blessed in the chest or want to add a little length to the "boxier" fit. I usually wear a M but went with a L and was glad I did! The colors are stunning and I know I'm going to get SO much use out of this top.

Her Facebook group is also something you're going to want to check out because she posts new arrivals, "try on" videos, pre-order items and more! Join here! I LOVE following along and staying in the loop. Angie is the cutest mom that loves to shop- once boutique prices started getting higher and higher she wanted to make that change! You can be cute, trendy, and not have to "splurge" just to get the item you want. With Hello Foxy, not one item is over $50! Woot woot!

ALSO- If you are local to Idaho Falls she does free Pick Up and Shop Day every Thursday from 10:30-2:00 and 5:00-6:30!! You can go try on the clothes there! Message her for her address!

Happy shopping lovelies!


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My Sky Map

This is what the night sky looked like over Twin Falls Idaho on the day me and Paxton got married. Super romantic right!? I have this hanging in our living room and I'm pretty sure it is my most favorite thing ever. It is so effortless and beautiful and I will cherish it forever. When I first heard about Greater Skies  I was instantly OBSESSED! There are not many things that I  love more than personalized/meaningful products and to find one as special as this? I am in heaven!

I seriously want to give everyone I know one of these!  You can personalize it in SO MANY ways. You choose the time, date, and place then can change the style of the map, the colors, and add constellations if you choose. You can order it as an instant download if you're in a hurry or have it shipped to you for free! There are so many options to make it perfect for YOU! They are seriously such a great gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays-EVERYTHAAANG!

This is what  I put on the bottom of mine-

NOVEMBER 21 2015
42.5558 N. 114.4701 W.

You can find the style of my map here
Greater Skies Website & Instagram 


Thursday, May 24, 2018

13 Reasons Why Review

*These are all my opinions and how I personally feel about this TV series. There are spoiler alerts of both seasons but specifically lots from season 2.*

I understand that the topics of mental health and sexual assault NEED to be talked about and have more resources and things need to be changed.  But I don't think 13 reasons why did a good job of supporting these topics. All they did was show them. In ways that we didn't need to be shown. Even just implying these heavy topics can have an impact. Showing everything uncensored and completely graphic is UNNECESSARY and scarring and extremely triggering. Even for people who have not gone through these exact things. So the people who are victims of rape and failed suicide attempts????? I can't imagine what this show is doing for them. Nothing empowering or good, i'll tell you that.

I feel like it just emphasized how nothing happens if you choose to come forward after getting raped.
I feel like it glorified suicide because we see how it affected the people that Hannah left behind even though Hannah will NEVER know. It showed how suicide can be "getting revenge" on people and that is NOT AN OKAY THOUGHT. Showing how bullying and the way you treat people IMPACTS them and can lead to suicide- yes that's okay! Many things can lead to suicide. That is something that people need to be more aware of. That is real and that is necessary. I'm OKAY that this is bringing awareness to suicide and sexual assault. Because it needs more awareness and things to be changed but along with that it needs more resources for teenagers and adults.  So if you are going to discuss these topics and show people real and current things that happen- BE FREAKING EDUCATIONAL ABOUT IT.  Don't do a whole TV series to drill in the fact that there is no hope/justice for rape victims and no hope/justice for people struggling with mental illness.


You want to make a difference about topics that NEED to be talked about through a TV show? Awesome. I'm all for that.



Don't just show us things we already know.
Don't just show us these horrible things happening to students.
Don't just show us how terrible High School can be.
Don't just show us how disgusting things can get.

Show us HOW to make a difference and change it. 

I thought that's what season 2 was going to do. And there were some parts I really felt like it was doing that and heading in that direction but then 2 seconds later it gets ruined and another crappy horrible thing happens. If the whole point to this show was to make you feel yucky and disgusted inside 80% of the time, they did that. If the whole point of the show was to make people who have gone through these things relive terrible moments of their life, I'm sure it did that.

It did not leave me with the feeling of- things need to change!!!!! I want to change the world!!!!!! How can I help and make a difference!?
It left me with thinking- Wow this is messed up.

And if they were secretly trying to show HOW NOTHING HAPPENS and how things DONT GET BETTER to make us WANT TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN AND CHANGE- they sure as heck didn't do it in a good way.

Now to talk about specific parts of the show that I have opinions on...

+I'm glad that they made it so Alex had disabilities after his failed suicide attempt. Because that was realistic. The things he had to deal with afterwards is serious. I do wish it showed more about him getting professional help afterwards though.

+Clay seeing Hannah throughout the show... I didn't like that. Were they trying to show that Clay had a mental illness???? Maybe. But when Clay went absolutely crazy and was going to go and kill Bryce for what he did- I get that, that was as strong scene- but why didn't it show Clay getting help? Or Clay recognizing he needed help???

+They did a great job of showing things that teenagers go through. About how teenagers get raped and don't get taken seriously or get raped and don't come forward.  And that a lot of times people don't get punished for their actions. Okay show us that, make us believe/understand that, but then show how they CAN get helped. That them telling their story IS important. That when Jessica decided to fight for herself that there can be justice for her and for Hannah. That things can change and CAN get better for them. SHOW US THAT.

+Tyler went and got all this help and changed for the better- that's awesome. I'm so glad that happened and that they showed us that. But then when he comes back and then HE gets raped???? Horrifying. Like that's disgusting that they showed MORE RAPE in the first place. (and i would strongly recommend skipping this scene from minute 38-40). But show us how that camp IMPACTED him and changed him for the better. How it changed him so when another terrible thing happened to him he reacts better this time, and can go to an adult, and an adult can HELP him. Don't freaking make him just go back to how he was before and freaking almost shoot up a school!!!!!! How is that supposed to teach teenagers that getting help is important? That it's not a waist of time!? That nothing can change!? Show us that it can change their life for the better and have a lasting result.

+Clay telling his friends not to call the cops when he knew Tyler was coming to the school with a gun!? REALLY!? Having a 17 year old boy trying to talk down another 17 year old boy with a freaking gun? Clay shouldn't have to feel like he has that on his shoulders and that this is all on him to stop it. And don't show teenagers that that's how to deal with it when they know someone is coming to shoot the school!!!!!! Cops should be called!! His friends had the right idea. Like not going to an adult when knowing someone is going to shoot up the school or has showed sings of it......Like doesn't that happen enough? Kids knowing theres going to be a shooting or signs or things like that and no one doing anything about it and it happening? Why not show them protecting each other and getting people out of the dance and letting the cops take care of that??????

+Justin gets more time than Bryce? How is that going to show anyone WHY they should tell the truth if they know rape has happened? Thats just going to show the kid that he's freaking going to go to jail longer than the actual rapist?????? Like what the actual heck. Show us how when someone comes forward about witnessing a rape they are going to HELP the victim. Not freaking go to jail for telling the truth about what happened. I understand WHY he went to jail because he withheld that info----but then having him in there longer than Bryce? That just defeats the purpose of trying to teach kids WHAT to do.

+Bryce not going to jail? Getting 3 months of probation? Really. After 2 whole seasons. After all the fighting for justice. After the school winning in the trial. After all the reports and witnesses. That's how it's going to end? Him transferring to another school and playing football? Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Ya things like that might happen. And they showed that throughout the whole first half of the 2nd season. So why not actually FINALLY make a difference and have him get punishment?

This show was captivating. It makes you want to watch them all in one night. You want to see what happens. You want to know. HELLO THATS WHY I WATCHED IT. I just wish it would've ended more positive and empowering. That's all folks.

Rant over. Mic Drop.


Friday, April 27, 2018

8 Ways To Start Changing Hatred About Our Bodies Into Love

I've been thinking about this post ALL DAY LONG. But let me give you a little background before I get into it:

For the past 3 days I have literally cried multiple times because of my current weight and body shape. I've been 110% devastated and humiliated by my body. I'm discouraged because I have been working out and eating healthier since January and there has been NO difference despite my daily efforts(I know there is some medical stuff I need to factor in but still). It's discouraging. I feel like I am doing all the right things and I can NOT lose weight. So i'm frustrated and depressed about it and having a really hard time with loving myself right now. Just the facts.

Then yesterday a light bulb went off when I was looking through pictures from my freshman year of college. I kept thinking to myself- "Wow.  I can't believe I used to think I was fat back then! I would give anything to look like that again! I had such a cute figure but I remember I was never happy with how I looked. I really truly thought I was so fat!" Do you guys do that!? Look through old pictures and remember thinking how fat you were and now realizing you WERE NOT any of those negative thoughts you had about yourself? UGH.

And then I realized-  I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPY WITH MY BODY EVER. Even  when I was 125 pounds I thought I was fat.  And i bet that even if I was at my "goal" weight and had the body I wanted right now, I probably still wouldn't even be happy with myself. Because ultimately it's not just my body that I need to change- IT'S MY MINDSET. Because I feel like even if I looked how I wished I look and weighed what I wished I weighed I would STILL find more and more things to pick out and try and change about myself and would still be unhappy. So right now I need to try to find happiness, balance, and confidence in my NOW. Not just my "future". And chances are- so do you.

Because if we can't do that, we are going to continue to be unhappy with our bodies for the rest of our freaking lives. And I don't want that and I bet you don't either.  I've spent most of my life being very uncomfortable in my own skin. Even when I shouldn't have been. I've missed out on a lot of happy & loving thoughts to go towards myself because I've spent most of it tearing myself down and being disappointed. Raise your hand if ya feel me?

It's truly terrible how hard we are on ourselves. And how we feel like we can only be happy if we
are a size 0, weigh 120 pounds,  big boobs have a thigh gap and a 6 pack. THAT IS NOT TRUE. It's good to have goals and to want to be our best selves! TOTALLY. Life is all about progression.But it's definitely not okay to despise ourselves when we haven't reached those goals. It's not okay to tell ourselves how fat and unloveable we are. It's not okay to hate ourselves and our bodies. No matter the current shape or size.

So what do we do? How do we change this mindset? How do we change hatred into love?
There probably 1000 answers to these questions but here are some of my own that I think will be a good starting point for me-and maybe it will  be a good place for you to start too!

+I need to realize that the first thought that someone has about me is probably NOT about my weight.
+I need to realize that my body does not define me, my actions and words do.
+I need to not be so judgmental of myself because chances are, people are not being as judgmental to me as I think they are.
+I need to realize I am trying my hardest and give myself credit for the hard work I have been doing to become a healthier me this year even though I haven't gotten the results I've wanted. I'm very quick to criticize myself and very slow to compliment myself.
+I need to be okay and ACCEPT that I need to go up a pant size because it's more important for me to feel comfortable in the clothes I am wearing than try and wear something tight and uncomfortable just because of the number on the tag
+It's okay to buy cute clothes right now, even though i'm not the size I would like be. It's important to still feel pretty. And I can still feel pretty even when I'm not as skinny as I would like to be.
+Feeding myself negative thoughts and words is only going to hurt me and make me more depressed. I need to try and only tell myself things that I would tell my sisters! And those would be positive and uplifting things!
+I need to accept where I am at in my weight loss journey now and know I have done my best.  My best is literally all I can do.


Monday, April 16, 2018

March Clarity TheraBox

You are looking at $150 worth of products from the March Clarity Therabox. I enjoyed my January Box so  much I had to treat myself again.  So here are all the goodies that came in this box:

Wildflower Seed Bombs- They look like the coolest things ever!!! Here is the link to the easy shop these came from because I have never heard of them before! They come in these clay/flower petal/soil bombs and you plant them outside or in a pot! HOW COOL. We have been so busy these past few weeks I have not yet had the opportunity to plant these but I am SO excited!

European Spa Whipped Soap-  First of all anything that has the word European and Spa together HAS to be good right!? This soap is a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer. I've been using it as a shaving cream and I am loving it! Doesn't dry my skin out like normal shaving creams and smells/feels amazing

Day Dreamer Essential Oil- This is my favorite item from the box! I love essential oils and I love yummy essential oil blends! It smells absolutely amazing and the packaging is adorable. This one helps with stress and anxiety which is right down my alley so I use it ALL the time!

Aromatherapy Shower Steamer- I was so excited to try these! They are made with eucalyptus essential oils and is supposed to help clear the sinuses, soothe sore throats, and support immune systems. You put it in the bottom of your shower and let the steam do its thing. I tried one of them and honestly don't know if I did it right because I didn't love it? And couldn't really smell it? Therefore didn't really feel any therapeutic benefits but it looked cool watching it dissolve hahahaha

Clarity Hypnosis Meditation CD- I will be 100% honest and say I would have already used this by now but I do not own a CD player... because it's 2018 and do CD players even exist? I didn't even know CDs still existed... totally joking. But really. This looks like a really cool meditation CD and retails over $70 so it must be good! 

Wooden Diffuser Bracelet- I've always wanted to try one of these! It is made from raw wooden beads and lava stone. I have been wearing it when I've been doing yoga and/or meditating and have really really liked it! The essential oil smell lasts a very long time and helps to keep me grounded.

Tibetan Rope Incense- I have never used incense before and for some reason it kind of intimidates me? So I haven't gotten around to using it yet! I want to wait for a day where I can meditate, set my intention, and really just vibe out hahah. It smells soooo yummy from the package so I'm excited! It says it's supposed to help with stress, depression, and tension so I will let you know what I think once I've used it!

Overall I was very pleased with this box and will most likely purchase a Therabox again! 

Want to join in on the fun!? Here is my referral link!